Tour: The Gladiator’s Bride

Tour Dates: Sept. 8th-Oct. 17th Sept. 9th-Jenna’s Journal-Spotlight Sept. 9th-I’m Full of Bad Ideas-Spotlight Sept. 11th-Have You Seen This Book?!-Spotlight Sept. 12th-My Erotic Notions-Spotlight Sept. 15th-Jessica Tornese-Spotlight Sept. 16th-You Gotta Read Reviews-Spotlight Sept. 17th-Historical Fiction Connection-Spotlight Sept. 22nd-First Page to the Last-Spotlight Sept. 24th-True Book Addict-Spotlight Oct. 1st-Bookgirl Knitting- Spotlight …

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Tour: Twisted by Joey Jameson

9/10~First Page to the Last – Spotlight 9/11~Book Nook Nuts – Promo 9/12~Inner Goddess Forum~ Promo & Review 9/15~Harlie Williams, Writer~Promo 9/16~A Passion for Romance – Promo 9/17~You Gotta Read – Promo 9/18~My Erotic Notions ~ Promo 9/19~Black Hippie Chick Advice & Review – Promo        

Tour: Hot & Cold by Amelia Swan

8/30-Diane’s Book Blog ~ Interview 8/30 ~ Harlie’s Books ~ Promo 9/2 ~ Kindle and Me – Promo 9/3 ~ Romantic Reads and Such – Promo 9/5~Book Nook Nuts – Promo 9/8 ~ ~ Spotlight 9/10-A Passion for Romance - Spotlight 9/11–Babbling about books, and more 9/16~You Gotta Read – Spotlight 9/18~In Shadows ~ …

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